With expert technicians and experienced leadership, ICON Composite Technologies is able to handle small and large composite manufacturing contracts, on time and at an affordable cost.

Fuselage Bond Tool Bonding

Manufacturing / Industrial Engineering

  • Lean manufacturing
  • Planning and cost analysis
  • Composite materials and process expertise
  • Manufacturing concepts
  • Tooling design
  • Production optimization
  • Serial production
  • Expertise with complex assemblies
  • Problem solving
Machine Arm FARO Arm


  • Hand layup processing (digital ply pattern generation, digital automated CNC, laser projection ply placement)
  • Out-of-autoclave processing
  • CNC machining and trimming
  • Close tolerance bonded assemblies
  • Paint and finishing

Design Capabilities

  • Product/concept design
  • GD&T; tolerance/interference analysis
  • Tool design
  • Large assemblies management
  • Design software: Creo Parametric, FiberSim
  • Analysis capabilities, Femap, Nastran

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